A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Veteran Success Resource Group (VSRG) partners with BOURBIZ to host expos in cities across the United States. Free of charge to veterans and their families, each expo connects hundreds of veterans with dozens of businesses, universities, government agencies and veteran service organizations (VSOs) in a casual environment.

BourBiz designs events that reach junior enlisted members, both current and former. These men and women make up the bulk of our armed forces, but can be some of the most difficult to connect with resources. By offering an environment with live entertainment, prize giveaways, business competitions, celebrity appearances, camaraderie and spirits, BourBiz creates events that engage these veterans.


Scott Davidson, Justin Constantine and Isabella Edelman teamed up to start VSRG in 2014. The longtime friends, veterans and entrepreneurs aimed to create a one-stop shop that connects veterans with the knowledge, resources and contacts they need to achieve success after service.

But the idea that led to VSRG and BOURBIZ dates to about a decade earlier. As Davidson and Constantine recovered from injuries that ended their military careers, they discussed their difficulties negotiating a deluge of organizations, services and headhunters. Together they wondered how service members with fewer resources managed to find the right person at the right organization.

After years of planning, VSRG and BOURBIZ held their inaugural event in New York City in 2014. Through a process of trial-and-error, the expos have grown and expanded. Our most recent expo attracted more than 1,400 attendees to MGM National Harbor.   In 2020, locations in California and Nevada will be added to a  roster of host cities that includes San Antonio, Washington, New York and Tampa.


BOURBIZ invites veterans, military members, first responders and their family members to join us for the networking and stay for the camaraderie. The bar is always open and our events always free: register here!

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